Position: Rad Tech I

Department: Diagnostic Radiology

Schedule: Full Time/ Part Time


  • Performs technologists' duties: Operational procedures as required and necessary for proper departmental work flow. Satisfies operational requirements to include covering the department as determined necessary through either the Radiology Supervisor, Operations Manager or Radiology Director.
  • Completes procedures in timely fashion while providing quality radiographs for Radiology and outside departments.
  • Prepares patient for exams as required and insures patient comfort and modesty at all times.
  • Follows all established and appropriate department policy and procedures as required.
  • Sets up equipment as necessary and uses proper technique and exposure factors as necessary and required. Adjusts techniques and factors when necessary due to improve studies or quality factors.
  • Performs duties as required in all areas of department to include either Newton Pavilion or Harrison Pavilion and either within Diagnostic Radiology or outside when appropriate for the hospital mission as determined by either the Radiology Supervisor, Operations Manager or the Radiology Administrative Director.
  • Follows all radiation safety procedures to ensure patient is not compromised as it relates to radiation safety. Understands all radiation safety issues through annual compliance with radiation safety and or seminars.
  • Work schedules as required either through regular scheduled hours or on-call as required for department needs.
  • Performs appropriate studies as determined through the established imaging standards protocol. Follows requisition in terms of providing proper study for patients. Ensures that exams requested match patient condition and/or history and calls or asks proper persons for more information as necessary to perform the proper study.
  • Works through radiologist requirements to provide appropriate views and films and provides additional views and variations of techniques as required by Radiologist or protocol.
  • Provides service and care to patients of all ages.
  • Provides call coverage as required in Radiology Department.
  • Maintains equipment through interaction with both Radiology Supervisor and department service vendors to maximize equipment up time, patient care, and minimize dollar impact to the hospital.
  • Understands managed care guidelines and works to ensure that guidelines are adhered to and proper policies are implemented.
  • Performs patient focused customer service and ensures the following standards are met appropriately and achieved.
  • Communicates patient complaints professionally.
  • Handles telephone calls and requests for services over the telephone and through other means both professionally and appropriately.
  • Treats patients and fellow staff with dignity and respect and reports any/all problems to supervisor.
  • Accommodates patient needs and staffing needs through flexibility in scheduling and timeliness of studies.
  • Understands the requirements of the department by providing services to patients not only in performing of studies but also in providing any/all information on reports as necessary and appropriate.
  • Faxes reports and gives referring physicians when patient care questions and/or request for radiology reports come up.
  • Keeps discussions around patients to a minimum and ensures that patients are not subjected to departmental conversations and any inappropriate behavior.
  • Monitors patient conditions and if/when conditions are determined assistance may be required of an employee to take actions to facilitate the best course of action to include: nursing involvement, other assistance, further monitoring and/or other patient focused solutions.
  • Documentation of procedures to include collecting ICD9 codes, completing of procedures properly, completing procedures and enter proper demographics timely and efficiently into the radiology Information System.
  • Ensures that all required documentation is properly performed to include but not limited to any/all of the following: proper filling out of requisitions, proper procedures completion related to all procedures performed, and proper recording of any required hospital/department and or insurance of managed care requirements for proper recording and or billing of Radiology procedures.
  • Utilizes hospital's Values as the basis for decision making and to facilitate the division's hospital mission.
  • Follows established hospital infection control and safety procedures
  • Performs other duties as needed.


Work requires knowledge of principles and procedures of diagnostic radiology practices and the operation and maintenance of Radiologic equipment generally acquired through the completion of two years post-high school training in an approved school of radiologic technology.


  • Current Massachusetts state license in Radiography, ARRT (R) certification and registration and all applicable Radiology education requirements. New graduates must hold a current state of Massachusetts temporary radiologic technologist license. Temporary licensure is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Within that one year time frame, new graduates must sit and pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) national exam. The new graduate must then apply for a Massachusetts permanent radiologic technologist license.
  • BLS/CPR Certification required.


  • Work experience of 1-4 years preferred.


Requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills sufficient to interact effectively with patients and all/any apprehensions, to instruct students and to provide technical supervision to staff technologists. State license required and all applicable radiology education requirements.